6 Causes of Wildland Fires, Fire Forensic Expert: Mastered by Human Action

TIME.CO, Jakarta – In the 1970s and 1980s, Indonesia had vast forests with high biodiversity. Indeed, due to its forest area, Indonesia is called the lung of the world. Other countries also depend on oxygen circulation in Indonesia. Unfortunately, as cases increase forest firesIndonesia’s reputation as the lungs of the world has also been eroded.

Forest fires have been occurring for a long time and are a dark historical memory. Between 1982 and 1983, major land and forest fires began to occur in which 3.6 million hectares were burned, mostly in East Kalimantan, followed by various negative impacts. So what exactly? cause of forest fires?

According to the book Forest andor Land Fire Control in Indonesia by Bambang Hero Saharjo, a fire forensics expert, these are the causes of forest fires:

1. Poor forest management

It is undeniable that humans are the initiator of everything from unsustainable forest management to field executions by contractors without adhering to the principles of sustainable forest use.

2. Agricultural system in motion

Shifting crop systems often have negative effects and cause forest fires. The farmers have not hesitated to clear the forest and burn some areas to plant agricultural products. However, it is not uncommon for fires to spiral out of control and spread to burn larger areas of forest.

3. Inconsistent government policies

Government-issued regulations and policies are inconsistent, so they are not implemented properly and are not followed by severe penalties against bushfire violators.

4. increase in residential area

The urgent need for land for settlements has led to changes in the formation of forest lands in residential and cultivated areas, the emergence of transmigration areas, resettlement of residents, settlement complexes and residential areas.

5. Natural factors

The natural factors behind forest fires are prolonged drought which can trigger fires, volcanic eruptions and lightning. These natural factors cannot be avoided.

6. Dispose of cigarette butts carelessly

Smoking or vomiting cigarette butt carelessly in the forest can cause forest fires This is not due to nature but to human factors. Sparks from cigarettes are very dangerous and can spread fire throughout the forest area.

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