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JAKARTA – Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers. For those of you Google Chrome users, there are several ways you can do this to make your browser safer to use.

By making the Google Chrome browser more secure, it makes us more protected from cybercrime threats that have been circulating lately. Surfing the Internet has become more convenient and enjoyable.

So, how to make Chrome browser more secure? Without further ado, here are the steps, compiled by PCworld, Tuesday (8/8/2023).

1. Deletion of data

As known, every browser including Google Chrome will save a cookie file which is used, among other things, to personalize ads. In order for Google Chrome to be more secure, this cookie file can be burned.

The trick is to open Privacy and Security. Select Cookies and other site data and check what you want to delete, it can be your browsing history, cookies or files. Confirm by clicking on the Clear data button.

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2. Privacy Controls

The second way is to control privacy, considering that all Google services using the same login account have a lot of information about us. For this reason it is important to control privacy so that the browser is more secure.

As? First, open your Google account by going to and logging in. Open Data & Privacy and select Privacy Control. Then open the wizard and select the privacy control option.

For better control, select Data & privacy > Your data & privacy options. Here we can activate or deactivate the various features available.

3. Increase password security

Given the large amount of sensitive information accessed through Google Accounts, it’s important to have a secure password. In addition to shaping your passwords, boost your security with something called two-step verification.

To do this, open your Google account, then select Security and click on the password-rich option to change it. To turn on two-step verification, click the feature option and follow the instructions.

4. Update your phone number

To ensure that you can always access your Google Account securely, enter your recovery information correctly. This includes your phone number and email address, and if needed, update your phone number to the most recently used one.

The trick, open a Google account then select Security. Click the Recovery Phone and Recovery Email options to check or update.

5. Go to the ad center

Of course, another important thing to do is check advertising on Google. This can be done in Ad Center by logging into your Google Account and selecting the Data & Privacy option. Scroll down to Personalized Ads.

Here we can choose in various ways which information we use in our personalized ads. Here’s how to make the Google Chrome browser more secure. How, easy right? I hope it’s useful.

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