5 ways to fix a cell phone that falls to the ground by applying light pressure: Okezone techno

DEAR repair HP the fall to the ground must be noticed by the owner mobile phone. The reason is that when it falls, there are several sensitive components inside that can be damaged. For example, an LCD screen.

The LCD screen is a very important component in a mobile phone because it displays all the information and images displayed.

Citing various sources, Thursday (9/28/2023), here’s how to fix a cell phone that has fallen to the ground.

1. Check in virtually

Virtually checking your cell phone is the main thing you need to pay attention to when your cell phone falls.

Start by checking if the screen is broken, the battery is loose, or other parts of the cell phone are damaged.

If there is no visible damage, try turning on your phone to see how it works.

2. Press gently

If your phone screen is broken, you can try gently pressing the broken part to see if it returns to its original position. However, you need to do this carefully and not press too hard, as you may cause more damage.

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3. Disassemble the phone

Taking apart a cell phone is also a way to repair a cell phone that has fallen to the ground. However, this method is only suitable for those who have sufficient technical knowledge and skills.

If you decide to disassemble the phone, make sure to turn off the phone first and remove the battery.

Also, make sure you have the right tools to open your phone, such as a screwdriver and a vacuum cleaner. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to take your phone to a competent repair professional.

4. Use the tools

If your cell phone falls and hits the LCD screen, you need to remove the LCD part you want to replace. Use a hair dryer to remove the glued parts so they can be separated easily.

Replace the LCD with a new one carefully and do not damage other parts.

5. Reassemble

When finished, reassemble the cell phone parts and do not install the screws yet. Test whether the cell phone works well or not.

In that case, continue to mount the cell phone very carefully.

Here’s how to fix a cell phone that has fallen to the ground. I hope this helps.


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