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JAKARTA– How to check battery status laptop computer absolutely worth knowing. The reason is that the battery is one of the most important components of a laptop.

Battery condition and performance usually continues to decline the more you use your laptop. If left unchecked, this can cause several problems, such as quickly running out of power or being able to use the laptop with only a charging cable.

So, how do you check your laptop’s battery health? Below are several methods that have been summarized from various sources, Saturday (9/9/2023), as far as we know.

1. Check battery status on MacBook

For Macbook users, you can check your laptop’s battery status in the following ways:

  • Turn on your MacBook and click on the Apple logo.
  • Then select the “About this Mac” menu.
  • Next select “System Reports” and open the “Hardware” menu.
  • Click the “Power” menu to view your Macbook’s battery health in the “Health Information” section.

2. Check with Command Prompt

  • On laptops running Windows, you can check the battery status in several ways. One way is via Command Prompt with the following steps:
  • Open your laptop’s Command Prompt (CMD) menu.
  • In the CMD window, type “powercfg/batteryreport”, then click Enter.
  • Next, a file containing the battery health status in HTML format will be created.
  • Click on the file and various reports will appear.
  • Pay attention to the “Batteries Installed” section. There are “Design Capacity” and “Full Charge Capacity”. If both information shows the same number, the battery may still hold 100% charge. However, if not, this could indicate an unhealthy battery condition.

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3. Check with BatteryCare

  • You can also check the battery status with the following additional applications:
  • Download the BatteryCare application then run the application.
  • Next two pieces of information will appear, namely “Basic Information” and “Detailed Information”.
  • To see the battery status, click “Detailed Information”. Here you can see the battery model, battery capacity, wear level, designed capacity and so on.

4. Check with BatteryBar

  • The next way you need an additional application, namely BatteryBar. After downloading it, here are the steps you need to take:
  • The application will automatically run in the taskbar. Hover over the icon to discover more detailed battery information.
  • In the last column you will see battery wear information showing the health level of your laptop’s battery.

5. Check with BatteryInfoView

  • Finally, you can check it with BatteryInfoView as follows:
  • Download the BatteryInfoView app.
  • Afterwards you will get a file in .zip format.
  • Extract the file before installing it.
  • If so, open the application. There you will find various information about the laptop battery, such as the name of the battery, the battery usage level to find out the battery status and the serial number.

These are 5 ways to check the battery status of Windows laptops and MacBooks.

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