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JAKARTA – True wireless stereo (TWS) is a gadget audio equipment that offers various benefits. Aside from its compact form factor, the sound quality is unquestionable.

In general, caring for TWS is not difficult. There are several ways to make this device last longer. You need to consider not only how to care for it, but also how to use the device so that your TWS does not get damaged quickly.

So how do you care for TWS so that it remains durable and long-lasting? Here are five tips you can try.

1. Clean the TWS regularly

Since it is an object that can be used almost every day, cleaning TWS is very important. You can clean various types of dirt stuck to the TWS so that its performance remains optimal. One way to clean your TWS is to clean dirt from the audio or charging port. For maximum cleaning, you can use a powerful cleaning liquid for laptops or camera lenses.

2. Charge before running out of battery

A habit that could be considered misleading is to let the TWS battery run down completely. If the battery of the TWS is low, this device usually emits a signal in the form of an annoying sound.

If you hear this sound, immediately charge the TWS using the charging case. However, if the TWS battery runs out, the charging process will take a long time and increase the possibility of damage.

3. Avoid storing in humid places

TWS comes with waterproof function, but don’t let it get wet and dry by itself. This can make the interior damp and susceptible to damage.

To anticipate this, use a dry cloth to dry the wet area. Remember not to store it in a humid place with parts still wet. Wait a few moments until it is completely dry and store it in a cool place.

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4. Remove unnecessary Bluetooth connections and keep them away from the WiFi router

To ensure that your TWS earbuds last longer, you should also double-check the Bluetooth connection on your device. It may be that the earbuds are “overwhelmed” by the number of available networks to connect to. If you let this happen too much, it will interfere with the sensitivity of the connection.

So, to keep the connection working, try avoiding the Wifi router. The spectrum of Wifi is sometimes almost the same as that of earphones, this is what interrupts the connection signal.

5. Avoid using while sleeping

Have you ever used earphones while sleeping to listen to music or answer calls? Especially sleep on your side with your ears facing down. It is better to abandon this habit. The reason is that, in addition to slowly damaging your hearing, it can also quickly damage your device.

This is because the earbuds placed in your ears will be pressed by your body. Even if it is not directly damaged, if run continuously, it will slowly damage existing components. Including sensitivity in audio distribution.

These are five tips for taking care of your TWS so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly and remains durable. I hope it is useful. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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