5 tips so your iPhone doesn’t slow down and stays as fast as new: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Like other electronic devices, the iPhone will experience performance degradation after several years of use. One of them is to make the iPhone run very slowly, i.e. slow.

However, the age of an iPhone device is not the only symptom that causes its performance to decline. There are many user habits that unconsciously affect the performance of the iPhone.

So this time Okezone Techno will give you five tips so that your iPhone doesn’t slow down quickly and stays like new.

1. Check the network conditions

iPhone sometimes becomes slow because there is a problem with your home WiFi or the WiFi connected to your iPhone device. Therefore, you can check if the network you are using is working properly by downloading an application to test network speed and connectivity such as SpeedTest Master.

If the test results indicate a weak network, you can connect to another, faster network to improve iPhone performance.

2. Turn off automatic app updates

When using an iPhone device, there are settings that tend to download updates automatically without the user’s consent. While they can help, automatic updates can also slow down your iPhone, especially if you have a lot of applications on your device.

To fix this problem, you can go to settings and stop the auto.

– Go to the general tab in the settings;

– Scroll down and click “Refresh background apps”;

– Disable automatic processes or only when connected to WiFi.

3. Make sure the storage capacity is empty

Apple recommends freeing up to 1GB of storage on iPhone to maintain the most consistent speeds. You can check your storage in Settings > General > Storage.

By checking your memory, your device will automatically recommend applications and other memory files that you can delete to free up space on your device.

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4. Check the battery status

Each battery has a limited resource where over time it is used continuously, you will have to replace it. Likewise with the iPhone battery.

Go to settings then click “Battery” to see your iPhone’s battery status. In this menu you will see the battery usage on your iPhone from the last 24 hours to the last 10 days.

To determine if a battery replacement is needed, you can click the “Battery Status and Charging” tab and look at the maximum capacity section which shows what percentage of your iPhone’s battery capacity is being measured.

If the capacity reading is low, this could be the reason why your iPhone is malfunctioning and may need a battery replacement.

5. Keep your device away from extreme temperatures

The temperature around the iPhone can impact the overall performance of the device. Not infrequently the cell phone turns off completely if exposed to very cold temperatures or hot sunlight.

Therefore, if your iPhone starts functioning abnormally, make sure the phone is not placed in too hot or cold temperatures. To solve this problem, simply turn off the iPhone for a few minutes and move it to a place with normal temperature so that the device can recover its normal functions.

By following these tips you can keep your iPhone running as fast as when you first used it. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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