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PHONES it was the choice of many people with relatively low prices. However, buying a used iPhone clearly shouldn’t be arbitrary, you know.

Recently illegal IMEI cases have resurfaced in Indonesia after Bareskrim Polri revealed the involvement of Public Officials (PNS) at the Ministry of Industry. A total of 191,965 devices were affected, of which 176,000 were iPhone brands.

Seeing this case certainly makes us more vigilant if we want to buy a cheap iPhone. Eits, but no need to worry. This time, Okezone Techno will provide five tips on buying a used iPhone that is safe and costs you nothing.

1. Check the IMEI

There are several ways to check IMEI on iPhone. First type *#06# from your iPhone device. Next you will see the 15-digit IMEI number above the barcode and SN (serial number).

You can also check the IMEI number through Settings, then type “General” and select “About” to find out which iPhone to buy.

If so, you can match the IMEI number to the iPhone box that will be sold (if you still have it).

Next, make sure that the IMEI is registered on the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) website at and on the official website of the General Directorate of Customs and Excise (Bea Cukai) at beacukai. go. id.

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2. Check your proof of purchase

This method is the easiest way to find out if you own an iPhone. Whether the buyer buys directly from an authorized distributor or not. Or whether the warranty status is still there or not.

3. Make sure the iPhone is turned on, check the battery condition

Before buying a used iPhone, make sure that the device is turned on properly. You can also check the battery status by accessing the “Settings” menu and selecting “General”, then “About” and selecting “Battery”.

There you can see the health status of the battery. Generally a healthy iPhone battery is above 80%. However, if the instruction says “Service”, it can be argued that the condition of the iPhone battery is not optimal.

4. Check the physical condition and characteristics of the iPhone

Also make sure that the condition and characteristics of the used iPhone you want to buy are in good working order. Several physical components like buttons, screen, camera, and speakers need to be considered when buying a used iPhone.

Especially for iPhone X and above, please note that the Face ID function on iPhone still works well. Of course, if there are any negative features or conditions, it will affect the price of the iPhone itself.

5. Reset iCould

Make sure the purchased iPhone has iCloud reset. It’s also important to determine if the iPhone is personal or stolen.

To make sure you enter the “Settings” menu, then select “iCould”. If there is no Apple ID account associated with iCloud, the iPhone is safe to use for new users.

These are five tips for buying a used iPhone. Hopefully useful for readers!

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