5 surefire tips to avoid cybercrime when using public WiFi

TIME.CO, JakartaUsage Public WiFi it presents many risks that can harm its users. Unfiltered public WiFi can lead to cybercrime.

Reported by are some tips you can do to avoid it pirate when using public WiFi.

1. Avoid WiFi for services that require authentication

The first tip to avoid hacking is to avoid authenticated services. It’s best to avoid using public WiFi when someone wants access to a sensitive account, such as a bank or passport. Taken from Tempo.coif you have urgent circumstances to check your balance, please use mobile data.

2. Using a VPN

When you successfully access public WiFi, we recommend that you immediately install a virtual private network (VPN) on your device. VPN is a secure option to avoid personal data loss due to public WiFi. The VPN will work as a shield so that the device owner’s data is not seen.

3. Enable firewalls


If someone is using public WiFi with a laptop, turn on the firewall. This is because the program will block various malware threats that can attack laptops. The way to activate it is to open the Control Panel, click on System and Security and select Windows Firewall.

4. Enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication

Using two-factor and multi-factor authentication is useful as a layer of data protection mobile phone personal informations. The person who activated it will receive a second verification code sent via SMS or app. Therefore, it is not easy for hackers to get your username and password.

5. Update your proprietary antivirus software

One way to avoid cyber crime over public WiFi is updating antivirus software on laptop. This antivirus program is useful for protecting laptops by detecting malware that may enter the device’s system. Usually an alert pops up and takes you to the notification section of the laptop.

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