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JAKARTA – The iPhone’s recommended price of IDR 4 million might be an option, but obviously the device with the bitten apple logo is already quite old.

But for the second device, the iPhone priced at IDR 4 million can be quite reliable even if the specifications tend to be outdated, especially when compared to the latest series that is now officially on the market.


However, even though the affordable iPhone is still sought after, there is no denying that Apple has its appeal in the eyes of Indonesian consumers.

So, which iPhone series are currently selling for IDR 4 million? Below is the full review.

Recommended price for iPhone IDR 4 million

1.iPhone X64GB

iPhone MSRP of IDR 4 million, iPhone X can be the first choice for those of you who are interested in an affordable iPhone.

This 2017 series has a 5.8-inch Retina LED screen equipped with a battery capacity of up to 2,716 mAh.

The RAM capacity is 3GB with 64GB of internal storage which is quite spacious and is also supported by a capable processor and chipset i.e. Hexa-core and Apple A11 Bionic. You can buy this mobile phone for around IDR 4.4 million.

2. iPhone XR 64GB

Also in the launch series, the iPhone XR, which offers a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina IPS screen, comes with a battery capacity of up to 2942 mAh. The rear and front cameras of 12MP and 7MP respectively are also sufficient to produce good quality photos.

In addition to the capacity of 3 GB of RAM and the internal memory of 64 GB, this series is also supported by a chipset

Apple A12 Bionic and Hexa-core processor. With a price of around IDR 4.7 million you will be able to carry this mobile phone within your reach.

3.iPhone XS 64GB

The iPhone XS is the next series which is no less interesting. In addition to the 5.8-inch Super OLED Retina screen, this series of mobile phones has a higher RAM capacity, namely 4 GB and 64 GB internal memory.


Even though it has a slightly smaller battery capacity i.e. 2658 mAh, this mobile is still powered by a Hexa-core processor along with a powerful Apple A12 Bionic chipset. With 12MP and 7MP rear and front cameras respectively, the price of this mobile phone is still around IDR 4 million.

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4.iPhone XS 256GB

Still from the same series, the difference between the iPhone XS series lies in the much larger internal memory capacity, i.e. 256GB. In addition to the RAM which is still 4GB, this series is still powered by a Hexa-core processor and the Apple A12 Bionic chipset.

Other than that, this series still offers the same camera and screen resolution as the 64GB iPhone XS described above. The price for this series is around IDR 4.7 million.

5. iPhone XS Max 64GB

No less interesting, the iPhone XS Max is known to offer the battery with the largest capacity so far, namely 3174 mAh.

With a Hexa-core processor and an A12 Bionic chipset, this iPhone still offers the same RAM, internal storage and camera capacity as the iPhone XS described above. The price for this series is around IDR 4.9 million.

These are the 5 tips for 4 million rupees iPhone. Please note that the price and quality guarantee of the above iPhone series may vary depending on the place of purchase. It is therefore advisable to make purchases in trusted stores.

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