5 recommended iPhones priced at 3 million in 2023: Okezone techno

JAKARTA– There are several recommendations for an iPhone priced at IDR 3 million in 2023 that can be used as a reference.

Furthermore, if you think that the new iPhone smartphone is more expensive and inaccessible, perhaps choosing a used cell phone could be a smart solution.

Because the current price of the used version of the iPhone in 2023 is very affordable, so it is interesting and tempting to own it.

With a modest budget of just IDR 3 million, you can find an interesting choice of iPhone with good features and specifications. So what are the right choices for you?

Here, Okezone summarized several sources, Thursday (09/14/2023), regarding 5 recommendations for 3 million iPhones in 2023.

1. iPhone7

The first recommendation suitable for those with a student budget is the iPhone 7. Because currently this type of smartphone has a very affordable second-hand price. With all the features it has, such as a 4.7-inch Retina HD, a 12MP main camera and 2/32GB RAM, you can get it for just IDR 2.3 – 2.5 million.

2.iPhone SE

The next interesting iPhone smartphone recommended to own is the IphoneSE series. This Steve Jobs pocket screen has a number of interesting features such as a 4.7-inch (diagonal) Multi-Touch LCD widescreen with IPS technology, A15 Bionic chip, 4K video and a 12 MP main camera. With these specifications you will be able to purchase this smartphone as soon as possible with prices starting from just IDR 2.6 million.

The iPhone SE is an excellent choice at an affordable price. Likewise, powered by the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11, this device offers great performance.

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Having a used iPhone 8 may also be an option to consider. How could it not be, this smartphone offers superior features such as the A11 Bionic chip, 4.7-inch True Tone Retina HD screen, 4K video and a 12 MP main camera at a very affordable price. Imagine, the current price of a used iPhone 8 in 2023 will reach prices starting from IDR 2.8 – IDR 3 million.


The iPhone X series is also on the list of recommended budget smartphones worth considering. Because the features integrated into this mobile phone are very interesting, such as the A12 Bionic processor, 5.8 inch super AMOLED screen, 7 MP front and 12 MP rear cameras with a battery capacity of 2716 mAh. To own it, buyers need to spend a budget of at least IDR 3 million to IDR 3.4 million.

5.iPhone XR

The final recommendation for an affordable iPhone with a price tag of 3 million falls on the iPhone XR series. This modern smartphone has been sought after by many people recently. How could it not be, with all the features and specifications you can afford, you might be lucky to get it at prices starting from IDR 3.8 million.*

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