5 reasons why GTA San Andreas is still in demand today: Okezone techno

JAKARTA– There are at least 5 reasons why GTA San Andreas It is still in demand today among various levels of players in the country. From remote internet cafe gamers to professional gamers, they still love this legendary game from the Rockstar company.

When we talk about the game Grand Theft Auto aka GTA for Indonesia, obviously we cannot fail to talk about the very famous San Andreas series. The seventh series of the GTA franchise is the most played.

Even though it was released 15 years ago in the Playstation 2 era, it has proven to last a long time in the hearts of fans.

For this reason, of course, the public is curious to know why this old game is still popular in Indonesia. As reported by various sources, Sunday (9/3/2023), here Okezone summarizes the reasons why GTA San Andreas is still in demand today.

1 Can be multiplayer

One of the supporters of the game GTA San is still popular in Indonesia due to the multiplayer functionality. Although it is not an official multiplayer mode like GTA Online. However, it has actually managed to develop a very massive community.

Not only in the number of players but also in the game mode. You can also become a moderator in various modes created and developed by various communities.

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2. Mandatory games at rental locations

Most game rentals in Indonesia still rely on the Playstation 2 as their main selling point. This makes GTA’s existence one that continues to survive until now. GTA is the most exciting game you can play for rent.

Besides that, there are also limitations in game rental development outside of big cities, so the best open world gaming option in the region is GTA.

3. Streamer Contributions

The GTA game is also helped by the role of streamers and YouTubers who continue to use this game in their content. These influencers also explore various things, experiments or strange mods that have managed to attract curious viewers to play GTA again.

GTA is also popular because it’s easy to get, mod, and play, making it easier for streamers and YouTubers to continue discussing this game.

4. Characters become meme icons

Last but not least, GTA also sells well in meme form. In particular, the character Big Smoke is an icon of the GTA San Andreas meme, a fat character who always orders CJ to do the best of him.

In Indonesia, the character that most often becomes a meme is CJ, who players here call Ucok, and is commonly used by YouTubers and children in the meme gaming community.

5. Role of the modder

As the GTA San Andreas player community continues to grow and is still active, more and more game modders are appearing. Starting from standard mods such as modifying vehicle models, weapons, maps. Up to various extreme mods such as tsunamis, alien attacks, apocalypse, etc.

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