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JAKARTA – The rarity level of the item is a mechanism in Minecraft which colors items different colors when they are in the menu bar, which represents how useful or powerful the item is and how easy it is to obtain.

Common items are white, while uncommon items are yellow. Rare items are colored cyan, while epic items that are harder to obtain are colored purple.

Reported by the site GamerSunday (10/15/2023) for players who want to mine all kinds of blocks and craft whatever they want, be sure to pay attention to some items that will give players huge potential or produce formulas that will help.

So, what are the five rarest items in the Minecraft game? Check out the following review.

1. Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apples provide the Drain IV effect, which grants eight hearts of Gold Armor for a full two minutes. It also provides Regeneration II or V, depending on whether you are playing the Java version or the Bedrock Edition. In addition, this object provides resistance i and fire resistance for five minutes.

Unfortunately, the extraordinary yellow orb cannot be crafted, and since it is an epic-level item, players will have difficulty finding it. Players can find them in dungeon chests, mine shafts, fortress remnants, desert temples, ruin portals, and forest houses, however, in each location, they have a 1% to 7% chance of appearing.

2. Dragon egg

This egg should be familiar to all players, as it is the trophy that all players seek in their first game. This egg appears only once in The End and players must defeat the Ender Dragon before a portal to the world of Minecraftia opens and a dragon egg becomes available nearby.

However, players cannot find him normally, as he will teleport if someone tries to hit him with an axe. To properly collect it, the player must push it off the pedestal with the piston, which will cause it to fall as an object and not a solid block.

3. Enchanted weapons and armor

Generally, players must enchant items and weapons using an Enchanted Book, an item created by placing a normal book into an enchanted table and giving it an effect. This Enchanted Book must then be placed in the Anvil along with the desired weapon or armor to provide the sought attribute.

However, enchanted weapons and armor can appear on monsters such as zombies. This happens very rarely and the enchantment on the item will always be random.

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4. End of the crystal

This sinister crystal is most famous for being located in The End atop many obsidian pillars for the purpose of healing and reviving the Ender Dragon. These crystals shoot giant monsters with beams that provide a large amount of regeneration effects.

They also cause explosions around them when attacked or destroyed in the most common ways. If players wish, they can create these strange and usually dangerous rare items. Seven glass blocks, Ghast’s Tears, and the Eye of Ender are required to create an End Crystal.

5. Flag template

Banner patterns are epic items that serve only as decoration to create a different image on the selected banner when placed together with other banners on the frame. There are six of them in the Java version of the game, but there are seven in the Bedrock Edition.

Each model can be created by combining paper and certain objects at the crafting table. Some models require simple non-paper components like the Oxeye Daisy, although others can be difficult to find, like the Wither Skeleton Skull.

Even after twelve years, Minecraft has undergone several updates. The latest update, 1.19, introduces new areas like Deep Dark and new monsters like the Warden to terrorize players, as well as new items.

With the 1.20 update arriving in 2023 which will bring new items and biomes such as the Cherry Blossom biome, fans are increasingly excited to see what comes next.

One thing that remains the same in all these updates is that many items are difficult to obtain. The ever-growing list of rare items will continue. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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