5 plants that can be turned into clothes

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The fiber is the basic material for the manufacture of fabrics or yarns that will later be used as clothes. The fiber can be made from man-made materials and can also be made from natural materials. Fabrics with natural fibers are made from natural fibers which consist of three ingredients, namely from plants, animals and some derived from mineral materials.

Reported by, natural fibers have many advantages over artificial fibers, including being lighter and more environmentally friendly, because they degrade easily and are able to absorb a lot of CO2. Another benefit of natural fiber is that it has better absorption. Here are 5 ingredients that can be used row:

1. Pineapple

Pineapple leaves are widely used as a natural fiber. Pineapple fiber has also been used for a long time in the production of textile products. Pineapple leaf fiber has a number of characteristics such as easily absorb moisture, beautifully shiny, not hot and can absorb sweat, and has antibacterial properties.

2. Bamboo

The second material that can be used as a natural fiber is bamboo. Quoting best, there are several benefits of bamboo fiber including good absorption rate, antibacterial properties and soft fibers suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Pandan

Pandan leaf fiber is also commonly used for natural fibers. Pandan leaf fiber has dry characteristics and is not too strong. Pandan leaf fiber has the advantage of being stronger and more durable than other fibers.

4. Bananas

The part of the banana tree that can be used as natural fiber is the banana stem. Banana stems can also be woven into sheets of cloth, so they can be used as a material for clothing. Natural fibers have hydrophilic characteristics that absorb water easily.

5. Ganja

Marijuana is a plant whose abuse is prohibited. But it turns out that cannabis has good fiber to use as clothing. The use of cannabis as a fiber has been around for a long time: In Japan, hemp was historically used as a paper and fiber plant. Ganja considered the strongest natural fiber in the world and is one of the fastest growing plants.

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