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JAKARTA – Presence iPhone15 is still euphoric in various parts of the world. However, some users seem discouraged from using the latest cell phones. The reason is that there were many complaints when using the iPhone 15 for several days.

Many reports are dedicated to Apple regarding the problems encountered with the iPhone 15. Fortunately, Apple responded quickly to complaints from users of its products. Apple said the problems that occurred were in the process of working to update the software as a solution to handle the problems that occurred.

For potential iPhone 15 buyers, here is a summary of complaints that occur on the iPhone 15 that you can inform yourself about, so that you are not surprised when this problem occurs on your iPhone 15.

Here are five frequently reported iPhone 15 problems.

1. iPhone 15 temperature is too high

Some users have reported that the iPhone 15 gets hot during use. The iPhone 15 overheating occurs after using it for gaming, recording 4K videos, and while charging, which causes the phone to hiss. The heat of this cell phone makes the iPhone 15 uncomfortable to make calls.

Quoted from Mashableon Wednesday (9/27/2023), Android Authority tested overheating experienced by the iPhone 15, which turned out to be hotter than the latest mobile devices released by Google and Samsung. With a software update, Apple should fix the problem overheating This.

2. Bug in data transfer

Some iPhone 15 users have had the misfortune of getting stuck in the Apple logo boot loop when trying to transfer data from their old iPhone. Fortunately, Apple has fixed this problem.

The iOS update fixed this issue for users on the day of its release. New iPhone 15 owners will see an option to update to the new iOS in settings.

Users affected by this issue can take a short series of actions to reset their device and update to the new iOS, so they can start setup without a hitch.

3. Slow iOS

Some iPhone 15 users have also complained about the smartphone’s slow or unstable performance. This issue is most likely caused by the recently released iOS 17, not iPhone 15.

Additionally, many apps may not have been updated for new iPhones or iOS 17, so issues with older software will be resolved as those updates become available.

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4. Fingerprint scanner chassis

iPhone 15 users have reported that the new titanium body used on the iPhone 15 is also causing problems. It seems that the new devices are much less sensitive to dirt, fingerprints and other defects.

Even so, there is no need to worry about the tendency of titanium bodies to get dirty easily, changes in the color of titanium due to fingerprints are just simple. Other users have also mentioned scratches and even display alignment issues right from the first use.

They should return or exchange the phone if they experience a problem with the phone before even taking it out of the box. While it is not known how many users are affected, the problem does not appear to be widespread.

5. Weak physical strength

The new iPhone 15 series probably has the worst problem in terms of physical durability. Every phone has a built-in feature like this, so it can’t be fixed with a software update. According to users who have used previous iPhone series, the iPhone 15 is more susceptible to damage than previous models.

Via YouTube, JerryRigEverything tested the iPhone 15 by applying pressure to the device and pressing it with his finger. As a result, the back of the iPhone 15 quickly broke.

There are concerns about the same force when users accidentally sit on their new phone or when they keep it in their pocket. Therefore, users need to provide an additional case to the iPhone 15 to avoid unwanted things.

These are the five complaints frequently reported by iPhone 15 users since day one of its launch. There are some issues that Apple can fix by performing software updates.

However, due to issues beyond Apple’s control, users feel they need to be careful when using it if they don’t want to buy the latest cell phone right away. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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