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JAKARTA – The difference between Google and Yandex is still often questioned. The reason is that both of these things work like search engines. Google and Yandex actually have several advantages which are the differences between the two search engines.

By reporting from various sources, the differences offered by Google and Yandex can be taken into account when using a search engine that suits your needs. So, what are the differences between Google and Yandex? Read more below.

Five differences between Google and Yandex

1. Language skills

As one of the most popular search engines used by many people around the world, Google offers more than 100 languages. This supports using Google in any region.

Unlike Yandex, this search engine currently offers only five languages. Among them are Russian, English, Turkish, Ukrainian and Indonesian. Yandex has become the main search engine for Russians, although its use is still limited.

2. Cultural and geographical

Being a search engine based in Russia, Yandex certainly understands the cultural and geographical context of the country. Therefore, Yandex can be the best choice for searching for information related to Russia.

If you search for something in English, the system automatically displays some results in Russian. This is different from Google, whose base better understands the culture and geography of Western and global countries.

3. Use of keywords

Google’s advanced algorithms have evolved to understand context and semantics in search queries. This means that even if you don’t enter the right keywords, Google often returns relevant results.

Unlike Yandex which emphasizes exact keyword matching. Therefore, creating content on Yandex requires choosing the right keywords.

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4. Privacy and security

The privacy and security of Yandex users are a priority in the services offered. Yandex provides HTTPS encryption, malware protection, private mode privacy features, and phishing alerts.

Google also provides similar privacy and security features as Yandex provides to its users. However, there are often controversies regarding the privacy of Google users.

5. Ease of piracy

Yandex is much superior when it comes to piracy. This search engine is able to open sites blocked by Google. Not only that, Yandex users can find books, music, movies or other things that can’t be found on Google.

This is very different from Google which does not offer something like this because it concerns the copyright of the content. While Yandex appears to be leading the way in this regard, it is important to remember that accessing pirated content is illegal.

These are the five differences between Google and Yandex, each of which offers advantages in terms of requirements. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but Yandex is not inferior in some of the offers it offers. So, which search engine will you use to meet your needs, Google or Yandex? (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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