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JAKARTA – AI-based chatbot or artificial intelligence (AI) has become the focus of the world’s citizens. As well as ChatGPT AND Google Bard, both AI-based chatbots use sophisticated natural language processing algorithms to mimic human speech patterns. Both are also capable of responding to user commands with information or content created by artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT started showing its existence in the world of AI chatbots from late 2022, which was then followed by Google Bard in March 2023. Operating in the same field, these two AI chatbots compete with each other to be the best. While the two machines appear to have similar uses, there are differences in what each AI chatbot offers.

So, what is the difference between the two? Check out the differences that have been summarized from various sources below.

Differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard

1. Development company

One thing that differentiates ChatGPT and Google Bird is the company that developed this artificial intelligence technology. ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence technology company owned by Elon Musk. Meanwhile, Google Bard was created by the technology company Google.

These two machines have different characteristics or ways of producing content. This difference is based on what technology developers have trained their respective AI chatbots.

2. The system used

Chatbots widely used by citizens around the world use a different system. As the name suggests, ChatGPT uses the Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 or GPT-3 language model system. This system has the ability to generate conversational style text.

Meanwhile, Google Bard uses a system known as Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). This system is specifically designed to encourage dialogue. LaMDA also reportedly has the ability to provide Bard AI until the system can answer millions of user questions.

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3. Sources of information held

ChatGPT has limited information sources that are only based on training data up to 2021. This therefore limits current world events and research. ChatGPT is trained on large text datasets, including Common Crawl, Wikipedia, books, articles, documents, and content retrieved from the Internet.

Google Bard excels in terms of information coverage. By relying on Google, Bard can search the web in real time to find up-to-date answers to the latest questions and searches. Bard was trained on Infiniset, a dataset that includes Common Crawl, Wikipedia, documents, conversations, and dialogues from the web.

4. Language ability

ChatGPT uses English as its primary language. However, compared to Google Bard, ChatGPT is capable of multilingual conversations supporting 94 other languages.

Some sources claim that ChatGPT can generate the next occurrence of a word or phrase in a text command or conversation. Therefore, ChatGPT is considered capable of capturing various linguistic styles and composing stories.

Google Bard was unable to match ChatGPT in this regard. Bard is still in the early stages of development with language limitations. Languages ​​covered by Google Bard include English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

5. Type of content produced

The textual content produced by ChatGPT uses an informative, persuasive, or informal dialogue style. This makes ChatGPT easier for users to understand.

According to various sources, ChatGPT can help you write well. ChatGPT is capable of serving as a summarizer, translator, and other more textual-level roles.

Meanwhile, Google Bard is claimed to be aimed more at search. Bard is very useful if users are looking for short answers on various topics. This engine is able to find the most relevant information and summarize it. Google Bard is considered suitable for collecting research and facilitating citation of various sources.

This is the difference that compares ChatGPT to Google Bard. Both AI-based chatbot technologies offer advantages that cannot be achieved by individual chatbots. You can use ChatGPT and Google Bard to facilitate your activities based on the content or information you want to obtain.

Remember, use this AI chatbot only as an assistant when doing something. Do not use this machine as a reference point for correct answers, nor use it to cheat on homework answers or even exams. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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