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TIME.CO, JakartaEcoenzyme is a multipurpose liquid resulting from the fermentation of organic waste with sugar and water. This fermentation process produces a mixture containing various types of enzymes, organic acids and beneficial microorganisms.

Quoted from the publication Ecoenzyme: a promising solution to achieve sustainabilitychemical reaction Organic waste with sugar through ecoenzymatic fermentation to produce alcohol and acetic acid. Both products are obtained through the metabolic process of bacteria (good bacteria) coming from fruit or vegetable waste.

Advantages of Eco Enzyme

1. Eco-friendly cleaner

One of the main advantages of ecoenzyme it is a natural detergent. It can be used to clean domestic environments, bathrooms, kitchens and even floors. Ecoenzyme can also be used for washing dishes, washing clothes, as well as for bathing and shampooing.

Unlike chemical cleaners that contain hazardous substances, ecoenzyme is safe to use without the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals.

2. Plant fertilizer

Quoted from Between, ecoenzyme It can also be used as an organic fertilizer for plants. Its nutritional content helps in increasing soil fertility and better plant growth. This is an environmentally friendly solution to increase agricultural yields without the need for chemical fertilizers.

3. Pest repellent


Cited on the Ministry of Health website, the ecoenzyme is also effective in repelling plant parasites. The enzymes contained in ecoenzyme can help control insects and fungi on plants without the need for toxic chemical pesticides.

4. Preserve the environment

Current commercial cleaning solutions often contain various types of chemical compounds such as phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, chlorine and other compounds that are less friendly to humans and the environment. These chemical compounds have the potential to pollute the air, soil, groundwater, rivers and seas.

So using organic eco-enzyme liquid as a natural cleaning solution really helps protect the environment. According to experts, using 1 liter of ecoenzymatic organic liquid solution it is possible to clean up to 1 thousand liters of polluted river water.

5. Reduce waste

The ecoenzyme helps to reduce waste unused fruits. Instead of throwing away fruit and vegetable peels, you can use them to produce ecoenzymes. This means reduced waste and lower environmental impact.

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