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JAKARTA – How to unblock Yandex without VPN is very interesting to know, especially for those who like to use Google’s competing search engine platform.

Yandex itself is a collaborative search engine between Russian and Japanese companies, currently popular in Indonesia.

The browser, which has been around since 2010, was originally intended for advertising and search services in Japan. As time goes by, Yandex becomes more and more popular because it can open blocked sites.

So, how to fix a blocked Yandex application? And how to unblock Yandex without VPN? Follow the method below, as summarized from several sources, Wednesday (9/27/2023).

How to unblock Yandex without VPN

1. Using another browser

How to unblock Yandex without VPN first you can use another browser to access this search engine.

Simply by downloading Yandex Japan Apk on your Android device, it can help you open the blocked sites on Yandex that you were looking for.

2. Alternate DNS

If the Yandex search engine is blocked, try changing the Domain Name System (DNS) to a new, non-blocked one.

The way to do this is to open the network settings on your device, then look for the Edit DNS menu and replace it with the new DNS. After that, you can open Yandex browser to see if the lock has been unlocked.

3. Contact your ISP

Yandex Browser may be blocked by your Internet service provider. Therefore, try contacting your subscription Internet provider so that he can help you open blocked Yandex.

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4. Using a proxy

Similar but not the same as VPN, Proxy can be the fastest solution to unblock Yandex.

However, the security of the data on your device is at risk of theft. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a proxy to unblock Yandex.

How interesting is the information on how to unblock Yandex without VPN? However, please note that Yandex is an application that requires a third-party application to be downloaded to your browser.

There are many security risks that occur when you use it, such as theft of personal data by irresponsible parties.

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