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PHASES how to open the site Yandex that are blocked are searched by many users. There are several reasons why Yandex is blocked, one of which is the government blocking it because this site is not registered with the government’s Electronic Organizer System (SPE).

Some Internet Service Providers are used because they violate policies or because Yandex does not operate in that country.

However, it turns out that the way to open blocked Yandex sites is very simple. Here are 4 ways to open blocked Yandex sites:

1. Open blocked Yandex with VPN

The most common way to open blocked Yandex sites is to use a third-party application called VPN. How to open it is as follows.

Download and install the VPN application on your device.

Once installed, open the VPN application and select a national server that does not block the Yandex site.

Activate the selected VPN connection.

Once turned on, Yandex can be used again.

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2. Open blocked Yandex without VPN

Although using a VPN is the easiest way, there is also a way to open a blocked Yandex without using a VPN, that is, by installing the application directly on the device.

The way to do this is to simply download it via the Play Store and install it until it’s done.

3 Use of alternative DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is a useful system for linking website addresses with certain IP addresses. In other words, to open a blocked Yandex you can change the IP address of the DNS server in the network settings of your device. That’s how.

Open the network settings on the device you want to use.

Look for the option to change DNS.

Replace the type of DNS currently used with another DNS such as Google Public DNS or Cloudflare DNS.

Save the changes made previously and Yandex can be reopened.

4. Using a proxy

The last way to open blocked Yandex sites is with a proxy. However, keep in mind that proxies do not have a data encryption feature, so they are very vulnerable to data theft. How to open Yandex using a proxy is as follows.

Search for the proxy you want to use via Google

Copy the selected proxy address

Open the Yandex browser settings and look for the “Proxy” or “Network Settings” menu.

Paste the proxy address you copied earlier and save it

Afterwards Yandex can be used again

These are 4 ways to open Yandex sites that have been blocked. I hope this helps.


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