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JAKARTA – Here are four ways to fix a laptop with a black screen. There are many factors that cause a laptop to display a black screen, but the way to overcome it is quite simple and quick.

Usually the cause of the laptop black screen is a failed or delayed installation of Windows on the laptop. Windows installation failure can be caused by several factors, including damaged media, problems with the hard drive or flash disk you are using.

However, you don’t need to panic because it can be fixed. Check out the following review so you know how to fix your black screen laptop.

1. Restart your laptop

If your laptop has a black screen, you cannot access the administrator menu on your laptop to restart it. To access the administrator menu to restart your laptop, you can use the following steps:

• Click on the shortcut “Ctrl+alt+del”;

• Select your account and log in as usual;

• Click the Power button icon;

• Select ‘Restart’ to restart the laptop.

2. Use the keyboard shortcut for Windows Home

If your laptop has a black screen, you will not be able to access windows on your laptop screen. So you need to use a shortcut to access it. You just need to press the shortcut “Windows logo key+ctrl+shift+B”. After that, you just have to wait for the laptop screen to go through the process of displaying the Windows home page.

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3. Take advantage of the Task Manager menu

First, turn on your laptop. If your laptop has a black screen, you can try the shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+Del” or Ctrl+Alt+Del. Next, a screen showing various options will appear. You can select the “Task Manager” option. Then select “Add New Task” and type “explore.exe” in the column provided.

Next, select “explore” and the laptop will automatically start the process, wait for a while. After the screen appears again, do not immediately force the laptop to run. Leave the laptop for two to five minutes to adjust.

4. Reset the BIOS to default settings

The Basic Input/Output System or BIOS is the program used by a computer’s microprocessor to start a device after it is turned on. This program regulates the data flow between the operating systems of the devices so that they can function optimally.

If your laptop is experiencing a black screen, the solution may be to try resetting the BIOS settings to default values. Depending on your device, it can be accessed via the BIOS key (F1, F2, F10, F12, or DEL). Then select the Load defaults option for download settings. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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