4 Livestock contributes to the majority of greenhouse gas emissions

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Livestock sector provides food supply and a source of economic income. However, livestock also contribute significantly to this greenhouse gas emissions that could exacerbate global climate change.

Cows and goats are some animals that produce greenhouse gas emissions. Here is a list livestock the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

1. Cow

Quoted from Organization of Food and Agriculture, Cows have a ruminant digestive system that produces methane during the process of fermenting food in the stomach. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas. Cattle are one of the main culprits of methane emissions in the world.

2. Sheep and goats

Like cattle, sheep and goats also have a ruminant digestive system that produces methane. Although per capita methane emissions may be lower than those of cattle, large populations overall make a significant contribution.


3. Baby

Pigs produce nitric oxide gas emissions through the decomposition of captive animal waste. Nitric oxide is a potent greenhouse gas and has an impact on climate change.

4. Chickens and other poultry

Although direct emissions of greenhouse gases from poultry lower than that of ruminants, intensive farming practices and poultry waste management can result in significant gas emissions.

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