31 people trapped in the eruption of Mount Lewotobi rescued, children up to 90 years old

MidLand, KupangTim SAR A combination of the National Police and Basarnas managed to rescue 31 people trapped in Waiula village, East Flores Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), which is a red zone eruption Mount Lewotobi Man.

“The victims were 13 men, 12 women and six children,” Assistant Commissioner Wadanyon B Pioneer Agustinus Silvester said as quoted by Antara in Wulanggitang, East Flores, Tuesday, January 9, 2024.

He said the evacuation process was carried out after a request from the Waiula village chief. Dozens of people are known to be trapped in a place called Lewoduleng, Watobuku Hamlet, Waiula Village, Wulanggitang District. “They are all in good health,” he told her.

He added that the evacuation process was carried out because of the 30 trapped refugees, some of whom were in their 90s and others also had physical limitations.

He explained that under conditions of ongoing eruptions, relevant agencies, including TNI-Polri, Basarnas, BPDB and other parties, continue to strive to reduce disaster risk with various physical development efforts and increasing public awareness. “The victims who have been evacuated are placed in the Wulanggitang Elementary School shelter,” she said.

The Mount Lewotobi Laki eruption and data center recorded that the number of refugees has now reached 4,788 people. They took refuge in several places in Wulanggitang District, Tite Hena District and Demon Pagong.


Meanwhile, the eruption of Mount Lewotobi continues. At 16.00 WITA the eruption occurred again. The direction of distribution of volcanic ash is north-northeast.

The volcano observation post reminds citizens not to forget to always use nose, mouth and eye protection when carrying out activities outside the home to avoid the health effects of volcanic ash.

He appealed to the public to be aware of the potential for cold lava floods in rivers originating from the top of Mount Lewotobi, because quite high rainfall could still occur.

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