30 Locations With The Highest Air Pollution In Indonesia In August 2023 Nafas Version

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Monitor air quality, breathpublished a report on the situation air pollution in Indonesia in August 2023. One of the data points is 30 polluted locations and the times when the highest pollution occurs in certain places.

“The issue of air pollution is finally getting the government’s attention,” wrote Piotr Jakubowski, co-founder and CGI of Nafas. This can be seen from the various actions that have been implemented to reduce air pollution levels.

Of the 30 unhealthiest places, they all fall into the unhealthy category. There are only two locations outside Jabodetabek, namely Kertamulya and Karangmekar. Here are the details.

-Serpong (South Tangerang) – 83 µg/m3

-Tarumajaya (Bekasi) – 81 µg/m3

-Surgery (Depok) – 77 µg/m3

-Parung Panjang (Bogor) – 76 µg/m3

-Babakan (South Tangerang) – 75 µg/m3

-Mount Sindur (Bogor) – 74 µg/m3

– Panungangan Utara, Tangerang – 73 µg/m3

-Cibubur (East Jakarta) – 69 µg/m3

-Pamulang (South Tangerang) – 68 µg/m3

-Cipayung (East Jakarta) – 68 µg/m3

-Lengkong Gudang Timur (South Tangerang) – 67 µg/m3

-Semanan (West Jakarta) – 67 µg/m3

-Kertamulya (Bandung Raya) – 67 µg/m3

-Grogol (Depok) – 66 µg/m3

-Pondok Pucung (South Tangerang) – 66 µg/m3

-South Kembangan (West Jakarta) – 66 µg/m3

-Ciater (South Tangerang) – 65 µg/m3

-Jelupang (South Tangerang) – 64 µg/m3

-Tah Baru (Depok) – 63 µg/m3

– Lengkong Wetan (Tangerang) – 61 µg/m3

– Lengkong Kulon (Tangerang) – 61 µg/m3

-Lake Bogor Raya (Bogor) – 60 µg/m3

-Cipenjo (Bogor) – 60 µg/m3

-Ciputat east (Tangerang south) – 60 µg/m3

-Legoso (South Tangerang) – 60 µg/m3

-Southern Tambun (Bekasi) – 59 µg/m3


-Ciangsana (Bogor) – 59 µg/m3

-Karangmekar (Cimahi) – 59 µg/m3

-Rempoa Permai (South Jakarta) – 59 µg/m3

-Jatiwaringin (Bekasi) – 58 µg/m3

10 hours of worst pollution

This ranking is based on the worst pollution times at 10 sensor locations with the highest PM2.5 levels in August 2023. Additionally, records show that some locations appear more than once.

“However, for illustrative purposes, we only took the highest PM 2.5 data from each location,” the report reads. This location falls into the very unhealthy to toxic category. However, there is one location, namely Hang Tuah, South Jakarta, which caused by mosquito fogging.

-At 01:00 WIB: Surgery (Depok) – 408 µg/m3 on August 15, 2023

-At 02:00 WIB: Parung Panjang (Bogor) – 224 µg/m3 on 31 August 2023

-At 03:00 WIB: Tarumajaya (Bekasi) – 301 µg/m3 on August 9, 2023

and Cinere (Depok) – 214 µg/m3 on 12 August 2023

-At 05.00 WIB: Cipayung (East Jakarta) – 230 µg/m3 on August 22, 2023

-At 08.00 WIB: Sayidan (DI Yogyakarta) – 260 µg/m3 on August 12, 2023

-At 12.00 WIB: Hang Tuah (South Jakarta) – 772 µg/m3 on 5 August 2023 due to mosquito fogging

-At 20.00 WIB: West Semarang (Semarang) – 264 µg/m3 on 2 August 2023

-At 10pm WIB: Bojong Baru (Bogor) – 240 µg/m3 on 1 August 2023

and in Semanan (West Jakarta) – 236 µg/m3 on 4 August 2023

PM2.5 are solid air pollution particles that measure less than 2.5 micrometers, or 36 times smaller than the diameter of a grain of sand. According to WHO standards, measurements are in µg/m3 units. Safe categories fall within the range 0 – 12 µg/m3, moderate (12.1 – 35.4 µg/m3), unhealthy for sensitive groups (35.5 – 55.4 µg/m3), unhealthy (55, 5 – 150.4 µg/m3), very unhealthy (150.5 – 250.4 µg/m3) and toxic (>250.4 µg/m3).

Health protocol on air pollution

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) calls on the public to implement 6M and 1S to prevent the impact of air pollution that puts them at risk of developing acute respiratory infections (ARI).

1. Check the air quality via the app or website.

2. Reduce outdoor activities and close ventilation at home/office/school/

public places when air pollution is high.

3. Use an indoor air purifier

4. Avoid sources of pollution and cigarette smoke

5. Use a mask when air pollution is high

6. Implement clean and healthy lifestyle habits

And consult healthcare professionals immediately online/offline if they appear.

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