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JAKARTA – You can use various ways to change the format JPG THE PDF without the help of an application. A simple step to change this situation is to use the websites available online or the default settings on your mobile phone.

Usually JPG to PDF conversion is needed by someone for some necessity. Sometimes JPG files need to be converted to PDF in order to contain larger images and be used by different applications.

So, how do you change JPG format to PDF without an application? Check out the following three methods only on Okezone.

Convert JPG to PDF via mobile

Users can change JPG format to PDF via mobile by following the steps below.

• The first step is to open the phone gallery;

• Select the photos you want to turn into PDF;

• At the top right, select the three-dot menu and select the “print” menu, then click the “PDF” button;

• Select a location to save the PDF file. Click the “Save” button and the format will automatically change to PDF.

Convert JPG to PDF via Ilovepdf

Users can access ilovepdf via PC or mobile browser and follow the steps below.

• You can select photos to convert from JPG to PDF files;

• Access the Ilovepdf website. Click “Select JPG Image” or you can directly insert photo files from device into Ilovepdf menu;

• Select a photo and wait for the upload process to complete;

• Select horizontal or vertical page format and set the page size and file margins;

• Click Convert to PDF. Once the conversion is complete, you can click “Download PDF” to save the file.

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Convert JPG to PDF via Smallpdf

The next method is not much different from Ilovepdf, you can convert JPG to PDF via SmallPDF web. Here are the steps.

• Open the Smallpdf website and users will be directed to the JPG to PDF conversion field;

• In the yellow column, select a file or drag an image from File Explorer to the converter box;

• Select an image or photo and wait for the JPG or JPEG file to load;

• You can set the desired paper size and adjust the position between portrait or landscape;

• Once finished, click on the Convert button at the top right;

• After that, users can download the PDF file to the device.

These are three ways to change JPG format to PDF. Without the help of an application, you can easily change it using your phone’s default settings or online website. Hope it’s helpful! (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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