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JAKARTA – When choosing a laptop, you will definitely be tempted by a product that offers long-lasting battery life all day long. This aims to ensure that users do not have to worry while traveling. However, the longer the laptop is used, the more rapidly the battery degrades.

Well, there are simple tips that can help you maintain the quality of your laptop battery, as follows:

1. Change the power profile

The first easy thing to do is to switch between power profiles. You just need to click on the battery icon on the portable system which is usually found in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will see a power profile slider.

To make your laptop last longer, drag the slider to the left to make the battery prioritize energy saving. Meanwhile, if you move it to the right side, the battery will prioritize performance and prevent your laptop from lasting all day.

2. Lower the screen brightness level

To lower the brightness level of your screen, you can simply search for “Display Settings” or go to the Start button > Settings > System > Display. At the top you will see a slider for adjusting the brightness of the laptop screen. Reduce as much as possible to conserve battery power.

If you have changed the power profile to battery saving mode, your laptop will automatically be darker, but you will still be able to see the laptop screen clearly.

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3. Airplane mode

The last easy way to conserve laptop battery during the day is to use airplane mode. Especially if you only use a laptop for offline work. Turning on Airplane mode will disable several features on your laptop that need to be linked together to extend battery life.

Click the notification button on the right edge of the taskbar that looks like a speech bubble on a laptop screen. Then, a pop-out screen will appear providing several options. Select the “Expand” text to show more and click “Airplane Mode” to turn the wireless signal on and off. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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