3 short and easy to memorize Sundanese short stories

TIME.CO, JakartaTale it is one of the works of literature in which it contains stories that didn’t really happen, especially about strange and unreasonable past events. Each region of Indonesia has its own variety of fairy tales, including Tanah Pasundan, Sunday.

In fact, some Sundanese fairy tales are short and easy for those who read them to memorize because they have deep story meanings. Entertaining, Sundanese fairy tales are divided into several types, such as sasatoan fairy tales (fairy tales), chronicles (essays), ordinary kahirupan jalma (parables), myths (myths), and sasakala (legends).

Among these types, fairy tales animals or the fairy tale is the most popular. Some examples are ‘Sometimes a turtle and sometimes a monkey eating chili peppers‘ AND ‘Peucang Keuna of Leugeut‘. Referring to Piwuruk Basa: Suhaya’s Basa Sundanese, here is a short Sundanese fable that is easy to memorize.

1. ‘Peucang Keuna ku Luegeut’

One day Peucang visited Pa Tani’s cucumber garden. The cucumber is ready to eat. Am, Peucang eat cucumber. After the cucumber was almost finished, Peucang hurriedly left Pa Tani’s garden.

Not long ago, Pa Tani came to the garden. Pa Tani was very surprised to see that cucumbers were consumed by Peucang. Pa Tani is looking for new ideas for Peucang. After feeling strong, Pa Tani made a jaljanal filled with leugeut.

The next day, Peucang returned to Pa Tani’s garden. Peucang was surprised because there were people standing in the garden. Peucang was curious and kept talking. Peucang asked several times, but he wasn’t impressed. Peucang got angry. Peucang kicks, but his legs are tense. He kicked his back leg again, his legs are close again.

Opposite the head, the head also participated closely. Finally Peucang wept and nodded, surrendering to fate. Pak Tani was very happy to see Peucang up close during the meeting. The uninjured peucang was captured by Pa Tani. Now there will be no more damage to Pa Tani’s ken.

2. “Sometimes a turtle and sometimes a monkey eats chili”

Monkeys and turtles gather pepper in Pa Tani’s garden. The monkey hurriedly ate the pepper. The monkey kept saying, seuhah… lata,… lata,… lata. Pa Tani came out of the shelter, the monkey ran while the turtle was captured, because it ran too fast.

After that, the turtle was locked up by Pa Tani, he said he would slaughter it the next day. At night the monkey visited the turtle. The tortoise told the monkey that she wanted to marry Pa Tani’s son. The monkey was surprised, then asked for the turtle in return. The turtle came out and the monkey went into the cage.


The next day, Pa Tani sharpened his sword to kill the caged turtle. The monkey was surprised to hear that Pa Tani wanted to slaughter the caged animal. Much wisdom, the monkey is killed in the cage.

When Pa Tani opened the cage, Pa Tani was surprised because inside the cage was not a turtle, but a dead monkey. The monkey was thrown into the garden. After it was thrown, the monkey started running away. Mr. Tani laughed because he was fooled by me and the turtle monkey.

3. “Dalem Boncel”

Once upon a time there was a boy named Boncél. His daily job is to take care of the horses in the forest. Boncel is busy and diligent.

In addition to work, Boncél is also taught various skills and is rarely taught. I think Boncel’s employer loves Boncel more and more, because Boncel easily remembers the things he recommends. As time went by, Boncél’s knowledge increased and Boncél became smarter. Eventually, Boncel was made a nobleman.

One day, a boy and his grandmother came to Dalem Boncél. Unexpectedly, my grandparents and great-grandparents claimed to be the mother of Dalem Boncél’s father. Grandma and Grandpa were kicked out of Dalem Boncél.

Six months later, Dalem Boncél developed arthritis. All existing drugs cannot cure the disease. In his heart, he admits that he suddenly fell ill due to disobedience to his parents.


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