3 Reasons Why You Can’t Open Facebook Even If Your Password Is Correct: Okezone techno

ADA reason Facebook I can’t open it though the password It is true that it can make users panic. Usually users think that Facebook can’t be opened because their account has been hacked.

In fact, the inability to open Facebook could be caused by a technical error or by the fact that the system is currently under repair. So, users need to find out why Facebook cannot be opened.

Below are the reasons why you cannot open Facebook even if your password is correct, reported from various sources:

1. Comprehensive data archiving

If you are having problems with Facebook, it is possible that your browser’s data memory or cache is full. For this it is necessary to clean it. It only takes a few clicks to clear your browser cache. But be careful, clearing your cache will log you out of whatever website you’re using, so you’ll have to log in again the next time you visit.

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2. Account taken over

The third reason why you can’t open Facebook even if your password is correct is because your account has been taken over by someone else.

An irresponsible person deliberately changes the password so that the original user can no longer access it.

3. Your account is under review

The third reason why Facebook fails to load even if the written password is correct is because the account is under review.

However, this only happens if the user creates a Facebook account without using a phone number. Of course this method will make it difficult for you in the future because the login task becomes more difficult, also requiring verification to be valid.


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