3 quick and easy ways to block Yandex sites in Google Chrome browser: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – How to block sites Yandex in browsers Google Chrome in fact it is very easy and simple to do. These tips are definitely necessary to limit access to various sites that are not suitable for viewing.

So, in order for it to be implemented systematically, it is a good idea to follow several steps and ways to implement it properly.

One thing you need to remember is that blocking the Yandex site is basically the same as blocking any other site. Users also do this so that minors cannot open prohibited sites.

Because the Yandex search engine site has become a pillar that can access anything without restrictions and blocks. For those who don’t know how to block, follow this roundup of tips.

Here, Okezone summarized several sources on Thursday (08/24/2023) on how to block Yandex site in Google Chrome browser.

1. Install Block Site on Google Chrome

The first way to do it is to visit the Chrome Web Store site. If so, look for the Blocksite menu, then click “Add to Chrome Button.” If so, continue by clicking “Add Extension” located at the top right. Then all you have to do is download the extension and blocksite will work immediately

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2. Visit the page you want to block

The second way to block Yandex site is to open the original site or click on the link provided below:

3. Run Yandex Site Blocker

The third way is that after opening the Yandex site, the next step is to block the site. The steps are very simple, that is, by clicking on the BlockSite menu in the upper right corner, just below the puzzle piece icon. Then a new pop-up window related to Block Site will appear.

The final step is to confirm the blocking of the Yandex site by clicking on the “Block this site” menu. The Yandex site was automatically blocked from the browser page and Google Chrome.*

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