18 best cheat applications for online games, make games even more exciting: Okezone techno

APPLICATION trickster online game The best ones are often sought after by game lovers. The reason is, application this can be a Mobile Legends cheat and can be a shortcut for players who want to quickly increase the leaderboard or get free items. However, the use of cheats does not guarantee the security of the player’s account.

This not only applies to online games, but also to people who use cheats to play offline. Not because they want to harm other people, on average players who use cheats just want to have fun.

1. Fakecez

Fakecez is an easy to use cheat application with the ability to display various very useful features. Using this application is also quick and easy.

However, using Fakecez comes with very big risks. In addition to ruining the actual gaming experience, using this cheat application can also have negative consequences for the user’s account, such as getting banned or blocked by the developer.

2. Game guardian

Game Guardian is the most used cheat application by gamers today. The reason could be because it provides a lot of features for free to players.

In Game Guardian, users will be provided with various features, one of which is item unlocking. That is, using this application, users can open game elements for free, both offline and online.

3. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is the second most popular cheat application in Indonesia. Alternatively, this application has many useful features for players who want to cheat in the game.

Even so, this application has more features, such as removing ads in android applications, hacking various games and much more. But somehow Game Guardian has become a more popular cheat application.

4. LuluBox

The next ML cheat application is LuluBox. You may not be familiar with using LuluBox because this application is famous for unlocking all skins.

Apart from ML, LuluBox can also be used for other games such as Free Fire, PUBG, Subway Surfers, and Another advantage is that it doesn’t require a script, so it’s simply plug and play.

5. Lucky Patcher

While you can top up ML diamonds using credit for a lower price, you can get unlimited diamonds with Lucky Patcher.

Besides being famous as a Mobile Legends diamond cheat application, Lucky Patcher also allows you to perform Mobile Legends skin hacks and system hacks.

6. Trick the droid

Cheat Droid is an application that is used to modify some stored game data and modify some applications, so that they execute the commands as we want. Besides that, this application can also change other things in the game, such as adding diamonds or reducing diamonds and the like.

Although this application has features that are highly sought after by scammers, unfortunately, to use the CheatDroid application, you need to root your smartphone.

7. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a cheat application frequently used by gamers playing on Facebook. The fact is, using this application, players who play this game can add time, coins, diamonds and everything in the game for free.

Even though Cheat Engine is less known now, it’s great that they constantly update the application. In fact, if previously it was only available on the PC platform, now you can also use Cheat Engine on the Android platform.

8. TurboVPN

Often used to protect personal information and data when accessing the Internet in public places, it turns out that Turbo VPN can also be used to tweet ML games without having to download another anti-ban Cheat Mobile Legends 2023 application.

You can use Turbo VPN to change IP address to a certain country with a minimum number of Mobile Legends players.


Actually, Kuroyama is the MOD version of Mobile Legends. The features you can get from this application are map hacking, drone view and unlock all skins.

Kuroyama allows you to find out the enemy’s location from the mini-map. Therefore, it will be easier for you to ambush your opponent or escape if you are about to be attacked.

10. HackerBot APK

HackerBot APK is an application that provides services for finding game mods from trusted sites. So, you could say that this application is not a cheat application for android games like other cheat applications.

However, using this application, you can search for reliable game cheat applications in it, such as Game Guardian and the like. Furthermore, HackerBot APK also offers various other features such as avoiding malware, all applications are free and much more.


MOD APK is an application that is usually used by players who play offline on their Android smartphones. Nonetheless, the great thing is that this application can also be used for online games.

Due to its features, this application can allow users to modify the existing system in the game. That is, this feature is useful for adding coins, diamonds, and even instantly defeating enemies.

12. Lion playing card

Leo PlayCard is another online cheat app for Android that lets you play tons of games for free. This app for hacking games without root, similar to CreeHack, comes with a built-in card that you can use for free on Google Play.

Leo PlayCard is also better than most other online game hacker apks because it does not require rooting.

13. MacroDroid

The next game hacking application is MacroDroid. If you play online, the MacroDroid application can be the best cheat tool.

This online android game cheats application allows players to create bots that work automatically to run their characters in the game. So, they remain AFK and the game will play automatically.

14. Radar map of the script

Next is a radar map script which will make it easier for you to see all enemies. If the enemy is hiding or even Natalia, it will be clearly visible through this ML cheats application.

With this ML cheat script you can detect the presence of enemies. Even enemies hidden in the grass can be caught with this script!

15. Layla mobile

For those of you who are still looking for a Mobile Legends 2020 anti-ban cheat app to use right now, Mobile Layla might be your pick guys.

Just like many applications from the previous points, you can also use Mobile Layla so that your heroes can wear various cool skins.

16. Map hacking

As the name suggests, the Mobile Legends Map Hack cheat application is used to hack the minimap and radar so that the win rate can increase.

Gamers using this application will know everything including exposing features that are actually hidden on the radar.

17. SB Game Hacker APK

SB Game Hacker APK is an application that has a similar function to the Cheat Engine that Teknodaim talked about earlier, which is to change the hexadecimal values ​​in a game.

With this feature, users can freely add or reduce the value of coins, diamonds and the like in the game. Furthermore, this cheat application is very easy to use even for beginners.

18. XmodGames

XmodGames is a cheat application which is usually used by Clash of Clans or COC players to freely add coins, gems and the like to their accounts.

This application is similar to other hexadecimal converter applications. However, XmodGames has a feature that makes it difficult for users to get banned by developers. That’s why this application is very popular among Android users.

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