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JAKARTA– We know 10 reasons why iPhone it heats up quickly, making the user uncomfortable.

Because there are several causes why an iPhone overheats and this is definitely something you need to know. This needs to be resolved immediately so that the cell phone does not get damaged easily.


If a mobile phone overheats in the long term, this can definitely cause a decline in the performance of the mobile phone. Battery power will also drain quickly and be problematic.

Not only will it damage the cellphone, but the high temperatures will also make the user’s hands uncomfortable when holding the iPhone. Therefore, this condition must be treated as soon as possible.

Reported by various sources, Thursday (10/19/2033), here are 10 reasons why the iPhone overheats quickly and how to overcome them.

1. Used outdoors when the air is warm

One of the main causes when used outdoors at high temperatures. Meanwhile, the iPhone can only be used indoors and outdoors in temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. So there is a risk that the hot air will make the iPhone even hotter.

If your iPhone has high temperatures, it will take longer for the battery to charge over time. In addition to this, the iPhone screen will also go dark, the signal will weaken, the performance of the cell phone will decrease and the battery will even tend to be damaged permanently.

2. The iPhone continues to be used while charging

The next cause of iPhone overheating is that it is still being used while it is charging. You should give your iPhone a break while it’s charging. Then the iPhone can be used again once the charging process is completed.

3. Charge using wireless charging

One of the causes of iPhone overheating quickly is charging via wireless or wireless charging.

It turns out that this can also cause the iPhone to overheat quickly. Therefore, if you do not urgently need it, it is recommended to charge via cable.

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4. Many applications running at the same time

It is known that an iPhone that heats up quickly can also be caused by too many applications not being closed so there are too many running at the same time. For example, opening Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or multiple gaming applications at the same time.

However, if the application is not closed after use, the iPhone’s performance will be reduced to run these applications. As a result, the battery will drain quickly and overheat the iPhone.

5. Stream video in high quality

Another cause of iPhone overheating is streaming high-quality videos. These activities will significantly increase battery usage.

This also includes cellular data usage. Especially if the video streaming runs for a long time. This also includes making video calls for a long time.

6. Playing too long

Using applications or games for too long will definitely drain your cell phone’s battery power and data until it overheats quickly.

7. Open the GPS too long

When traveling there is also the risk of overheating the iPhone by opening the navigation or GPS application while searching for a route or looking for an alternative route.

Also, when used for a long time, the iPhone slowly heats up.

8. Software that has not been updated

Another cause of an overheated iPhone appears to be iPhone software that has not been updated.

This obviously slows down the iPhone’s performance when running various applications and causes the phone to overheat.

9. Peaceful use and recovery of data

Even the first time you use an iPhone it can get hot. Because there is a system that didn’t work before, but then starts to work actively.

Another cause is an iPhone that was damaged for some time and then repaired and received data restoration.

This will consume a lot of battery power, causing the iPhone to overheat.

10. Battery damage

The iPhone can overheat even if the battery is already damaged. The reason is that a damaged battery means that the iPhone cannot function optimally and this will cause high temperatures.

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