10 benefits of oil for human life

MidLand, JakartaPetrolium As one of the most important energy sources in the world, it has many benefits for human life.

With a deeper understanding of the benefits of oil, you will be able to appreciate its far-reaching impact in various areas of life. Below is the complete information.

Benefits of oil for human life

1. Use as a fuel source

Crude oil cannot be used directly and requires processing through various stages, such as refining.

This process produces residual fuels such as gasoline, diesel, benzene and kerosene. These types of oil are used as fuel for vehicles and diesel engines, making oil an important resource for mobility.

2. Source of liquefied gas

The product that is often used in the kitchen is liquefied gas, or what it is better known as LPG. This liquefied gas is also produced from petroleum processing, as well as from natural gas sources.

LPG has a high value for domestic needs and is produced through a special oil processing process.

Therefore, oil also makes an important contribution in providing energy for cooking and household needs.

3. Production of fibers for clothing

Petroleum is also used to produce various types of fibers such as rayon, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

Processing petroleum through certain stages produces products used as heat- and fire-resistant fiber components.

The demand for these products is very high and oil remains the main source for the textile industry.

4. Power plant

In the generator electricity, oil is used as a heat source. A special process produces hot steam that is used to turn the turbines that generate electricity.

This creates energy that is used to generate electricity, which is essential for meeting daily energy needs for the operation of electronic devices and household appliances.

5. Components in medicines

Oil has the ability to produce various compounds and chemicals. Several compounds produced from petroleum are used as basic components in the production of medicines, including headache medications and aspirin.

The hydrocarbon components of petroleum compounds play an important role in the production of these medicines.

6. Contribution to the production of fertilizers


Agricultural fertilizer is the key to plant fertility and protection from pests and diseases. In the fertilizer production process, the necessary synthetic compounds are produced through the processing of petroleum.

In addition to this, oil processing also produces heat which is used as an energy source to drive production machines.

7. Role in the chemical industry

Compounds produced from petroleum processing play an important role in the chemical industry. Chemical products such as oil paint, wall paint, car paint, wood paint and various types of plastic are produced from processed oil.

The waste generated by this process is not only discarded but also has value in various applications that benefit humans.

8. Main source of polymer production

Crude oil is also used to produce polymers, which are very important in several industrial sectors. One of these is the plastic industry, which represents an important component in everyday life.

Plastic is used in various household items, toys and other daily necessities. Crude oil is the base material in the production of this polymer.

9. Contribution in polyurethane materials

Polyurethane material is a component often found in various household items, especially in products that use foam. Polyurethane is known for its pressure resistance and comfort.

It is important to note that polyurethane products also use petroleum as a major component. In addition to being safe for human use, this polyurethane product is also environmentally friendly.

10. Production of electronic equipment

The benefits of oil in the electronics industry are equally important. Most used electronic equipment is wrapped in plastic during manufacturing.

Petroleum is a commodity material often used in the production of plastic, including plastic used in electronic equipment such as televisions, cell phones, computers, and various other electronic products.

These are the 10 benefits of oil for human life. We hope the above information can be useful to you.


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